WTF ?!

WTF?! album is the finest selection what Rizzies recorded from 2007 to 2013.

Selected and mixed by Jorge this release is the very history of Rizzy Bizzy from the beggining till now.


Released: 12/12/2013
Tracks: 16
Album band:
Jorge Libertad

Pavel Horal

Pawlik Beelek

L Hudy

Dan Simon

Amigo Electronico

Official Abukadnezar III. Video:

Jorge Libertad: vocals, guitars, bass, drums, drumbeats, samplers, keyboards

Pavel Horal: vocals, mouth music, drums, bass, zips, trumpet, keyboards
L Hudy: guitars, e-bow, vocals
Amigo Electronico: vocals, bass, samplers, keyboards, drumbeats
Dan Simon: bass, drumbeats, samplers
Pawlik Beelek: bass, drums

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