McKittlitz’s was recorded during the Kittlitz era from 2009 – 2010. The band was together just once but there is no track on the record where all the guys actually met. As a first track the tune Schnapss was shot by Jorge only. Then L Hudy joined him to finish Hudini on the scene, Hivetime and If I c you naked. More experimental time began with the arrival of Pavel Horal who cooperated on tunes like The hen’s feather going down the basin of Ganga and Slaughter house and The tribe of Hrrenia. Jorge finished it then solely with So much I and Trapped.

Released: 10/2010
Tracks: 15
Album band:

Jorge Libertad

L Hudy

Pavel Horal


Jorge Libertad: vocals. guitars, bass, drums, drumbeats, samplers, keyboards, melodica, fuyara

Pavel Horal: vocals, guitars, mouth music, feetlegs beats, bongos, drums, bass, digeridoo
L Hudy: guitars, e-bow, vocals

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